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Takeaway: You appear for an interview for your dream internship. Everything is going well, and the interviewer asks you a question - "Why should you be hired for this internship?" And now you don't know what to say.


Let us be honest here. This happens with most of us when we are new to this internship-finding phase of our lives. People often get confused about answering such questions and must prepare themselves to answer each question precisely and professionally while appearing for an interview. It helps create a good impression in front of the interviewer, and your chances of getting selected increase!

Just having a good qualification and skill set is not enough for getting selected. In fact, even if you have average grades in your high-school or university, you can still make it if you know how to communicate effectively.

Communication is the most crucial aspect of our lives. If a person improves their communication skills and does it effectively, they can make it to the top! Search on the internet and read articles about the skills required to get selected in any job, you will realize that the majority all of the jobs prioritize communication as the top skill!


Before beginning to learn about the strategy to answer the question - "Why should you be hired for this internship?" let us clear some basics.


Why are internships important?

An internship can be described as a real experience at work. An internship is an opportunity to learn how the world of technology works and what to expect. Opportunity to develop skills and competencies that are relevant to your job. You can develop skills such as planning, presentation, problem-solving, communication, and communication.

Performance is important because no teacher is better than experience. Once you get a real job, you will better understand your studies and education. Study times can be anything during the week throughout the year, depending on your course and the company you get an internship at.


Skills required for acing an internship

As I told you before, one learns many skills during their internship, most of which are important soft skills. These skills will help you in all your endeavors. Some of these soft skills are:


Communication Skills: By interacting with your colleagues, co-workers, managers, and clients, you develop communication skills.

Collaborative Skills: Most employees work in teams, and this is where you learn to work with others, aim for the same goal, and become part of a team.

Interpersonal skills: Social skills help you connect, empathize, and communicate with others. Collaborative skills are the next level of communication skills.

Problem-solving skills: A good way for learners to learn to deal with problems. Under the supervision of a senior officer, students encounter business problems and solve them.

Time management skills: Internal staff is given critical tasks and responsibilities of time that, in the end, you will eventually become a time management manager.

Leadership Skills: Although you will be in a leadership position during your internship, you will view and work with leaders and learn their skills.


How to answer- "Why should you be hired for this internship?"


Answer #1

Right now, I'm about to finish my semester / final year of college. During these few years at the time of graduation, we have been taught many things. But effective use of my knowledge will help me to know how much I learn. Joining your company will determine where I stand. No better opportunity could come to me. I can showcase my talent and prove my skills here while also learning how the industry works internally and externally. That's why you can hire me for this course.


Answer #2

I am still learning. But I testify to the fact that I am a fast learner. I am always open to reading and not reading at the same time. Learning is a way to let go of outdated habits and ideas and move on to higher standards. I have new and immature ideas that I would like to discuss with management here if I do this, and I am sure they will love a few of them. Hiring me could be a benefit for the company and me. I don't see why I can't be recognized for this internship.


Answer #3

I will love to learn all the business aspects of my time here if I am not employed. I have always feared the CEO, and this is my dream company. You people are socially responsible and are involved in a few NGOs that I believe. I saw this on your official website. We strike once, as I am a social worker and an active volunteer with many NGOs. So, you can hire me as you can get the best out of me while learning the best for your company.


Answer #4

Honestly, joining this respected organization will help me to learn more. I want to seek the guidance of knowledgeable and educated groups that are already on board. That way, I could be a better professional in the future. Yours is a well-known brand, and being a part of this great business will also strengthen my foundation. That’s what’s important at the end of the day, a solid foundation. And I feel like your company can undoubtedly help me build it. Next, I can assure you of the great commitment on my part and all I can do at my level to improve this organization.


Answer #5

 I am a patient student and have a decent hold. I can learn things quickly and be able to produce at the same time. I would also be very helpful when it comes to guessing and showing ingenuity. Other than that, my degree had a paper where we had to do project work related to your field. So, whatever I learned during my previous industrial visits and training goes hand in hand with this role. There is no need to start from scratch as I have a basic knowledge of the field. So, you might want to choose me as one of the last.


Answer #6

I have held the positions of ‘campus ambassadors’ and ‘placement coordinator in my college days. So I have good experience in choosing the right talent for a particular job. Choosing the right person for a job is half the job. As I can identify the right talent for any given job, I believe I am fulfilling this job/career internship's basic requirement. Besides, I pursue my interim PGDBA in personnel management. So, I am the right person for the profile.


Answer #7

I am a diligent student and writer. I created my blog from scratch on WordPress, and I always make sure it always works. I feed you as much new content as possible every week. Over the past few months, I have received positive and encouraging feedback from my fans, especially after I started advertising media campaigns to support my website. I have completed several basic and intermediate online certifications related to website design, digital marketing, and content development. This is listed in my resume for a detailed review. Therefore, I believe that my disclosure, interests, and knowledge will enable me to do justice to this position. Given this opportunity, I am sure I will not disappoint you in any way.


Answer #8

I dedicate my 100% to whatever I participate in, be it a lesson, a project, a freelance project, or a simple task like writing a poem! I think I will do a good job because I enrolled in a course related to last week, on a part-time basis. When I focus on the work, nothing can distract me. Some of my friends say that I am a perfectionist and that it makes them very frustrated, but I can't help it! It's part of my nature. Other than that, I'm honest and straightforward. Whenever I have a problem with my work, I do not hesitate to seek help from someone who knows about it. All of these qualities make me a good choice for this training.